the book of ichoronium


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The power of single dedicated Human will, is the most powerful object in the galaxy and can accomplish anything.


3.1 Billion humans who do not see color or creed.


The Gaming community comprises of over 3 billon humans from every corner of planet earth. When combining our gaming and development skills along with our hardware and The Human Stack rights, We make up the most powerful group of humans on the planet. We will use that power to pay our gamers to play video games and do the work they love. We will use that hardware when it's not being used to play video games to generate income for the gamer and the Ichoronium Trade Networks. We will use the power and profits of Ichoronium to execute our colonization plans for the solar system.

Ichoronium Galactic Space Networks

The Human Stack Rights

Humans have a right to peace, and a stack that gives it
Humans have a right to prosperity, and a stack that gives it
Every Human has a right Explore The Galaxy with that prosperity

Peace, Prosperity, Exploration

The First Stack Of A New Age

Ichoronium Galactic Space Networks , Is An idea that was hatched by a 8 year old boy in the late 1980's while playing The Legend Of Zelda and watching Nickelodeon Networks Television Programing, (That Super Mario show was the best! and yes there were 2 Televisions). Getting Paid To Play video games while traveling in space were some of the day dreams of child with heavy ADHD. While my family struggled for money here I wished could help some how with my gaming skills.

In the summer and fall of 2017 Founder Jeremy Fabiano noticed a stack of software maturing that would allow him to deploy Ichoronium. A human developed technological stack of free software that could deliver the power of Ichoronium.

Game Profits Galactic

Game Profits Galactic located at is genesis network for Ichoronium. Game Profits publishes Paid To Play video games for Ichoronium Space Networks, Manages the Premium Exchange Trader Network and Gameonaut Programs. Game Profits provideds FABS Explorations with mission funding and Gameonauts for colonization execution.

FABS Explorations Corporation

Fabiano Astronautics Business and Space Explorations Corporation

Games To End All Games Inc.

The Council Of Banishment

Anyone caught cheating bullying or harassing any Ichoronium members will receive Banishment from the network.

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